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To All The Boy Moms

I hate to break it to you, but being a "girl mom" isn't all ponies and princesses!


While, yes, our homes are probably very different, girls can be gross too! In fact, my daughter just came down from her room where she was playing nicely with her girl cousin and said, "We have a show to put on for you!"

As she spun around and protruded her derriere in my general direction, her cousin gracefully placed her hand under the hollow of her arm, and though I yelled, "No! I don't even want a FREE ticket to this show!" my plea went unheard. Farting noises and shaking rear extremities ensued.

It truly is the best!

My #GirlMom status won't last forever. Eventually, by faith, our family will grow and a boy will enter it. I look forward to the day that I can relate to the #BoyMom. But in the meantime, I will soak in being a #GirlMom...complete with ponies, princesses, tea parties and hiney dances, accompanied by an armpit orchestra!

Whether you are a #BoyMom, a #GirlMom or a #MommyInWaiting remember...

You are so incredibly loved!

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